Mentors Forms

Without Pathway 2 Success (P2S) mentors, the program would not exist.  Our mission is to empower under resourced girls to become economically independent and socially responsible.  If you’d like to become an   P2S mentor, please submit the following application, along with your resume, driver’s license, and proof of insurance.
Mentor Application
Two other forms are required by the State of Alabama and are outlined below:
Child Abuse-Neglect Form-Alabama
  • Check the “other” box and write in “Mentoring Child” in the left hand column, Check All That Apply
  • Check “volunteer” and write or type in “Mentoring Child” in the unsupervised care and supervision of children  
  • Please note that any line that does NOT apply you must write or type in “N/A.”
  • Sign and date the form and note that a witness signature is required.
Request for Motor Vehicle Record Form
  • Fill out the “Information Provided to Request MVR” blocks.
  • Enter your initials in the blanks to the left of number 3 as the appropriate category.
  • Sign and date the form.
  • Fee paid by Foundation.
After filling out the forms, print them so you can sign.  You will then return all forms to the Program Coordinator in person at the  office or by mail at   Foundation,  472 Providence Main Street, Suite # 201, Huntsville, Alabama 35806.  
Additionally, each applicant must have a background check.  Once we receive your completed forms the Program Coordinator will send you a website link or invitation through the Verified Volunteers Website enabling you to sign up for background screening.  


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