Pathway 2 Success (P2S)

Pathway 2 Success Program

Mission: To empower and support under resourced female high school students for success.

Vision:  Women who complete this program will be economically independent and socially responsible.

The Foundation offers the Pathway 2 Success (P2S) Program for female senior high school students to gain experience and insight into their career path.  The P2S Program seeks to:
  • Encourage disadvantaged female high school students in their junior/senior years to develop a comprehensive career goal
  • Implement a mentoring program to assist these students with choosing a viable career
  • Award a scholarship at graduation toward first year of post high school education after program completion
  • Set measurable objectives for scholar improvement
  • Increase the number of students who participate in the P2S Program annually

Four components of the P2S Program

P2S program has been devised for underrepresented female high school students to identify career goals and reach them by a combination of job shadowing, enrichment classes, mentoring and financial assistance.
Job Shadowing:  Each of the participants is tested for career suitability via a career inventory. Subsequently students identify professions that they are interested in.  Foundation staff then reaches out to professionals currently in that job and arrange for a job shadowing experience. This helps the student get a real feel for the job and helps in decision making. The job shadowing is an excellent addition to their college resume as well. Some of the professions that have emerged this year are: physician, geneticist, attorney, physical therapist, etc.
Enrichment classes:  As an HR professional for many years, it was clear that academic and technical knowledge was a part of professional success, a larger factor is soft skills, such as communication, conflict resolution, networking, etiquette and such. With that in mind, there has been special focus on providing classes on soft skills and also on practical subjects such as finance and budgeting, cooking etc.
Mentoring:  Mentoring is the single most important component of this program. Mentors are female professionals from a variety of fields residing in Madison County. These are women who are moved to pay forward the help that they have formally or informally received in their own lives. They make a vital difference to the lives of students in the program. The amazing thing is that they get as much out of it as do the students.
Financial Assistance:  Students receive a scholarship of $2000.00 in the first year of college if they graduate from the program. This funding will take care of books first and remaining may be applied to tuition.