Working with a mentor can make a big difference in a high school student’s academic journey.  The mentor can offer practical advice in things (networking, navigating etiquette rules in a particular field, etc.) not covered in a classroom setting.
Mentoring is the single most important component of the P2S Program. Mentors are female professionals from a variety of fields residing in Madison County. These are women who are moved to pay forward the help that they have formally or informally received in their own lives. They make a vital difference to the lives of students in the program. The amazing thing is that they get as much out of it as do the students.

These are our current mentors:

Acacia Moore
Angela Walker
Bobby Bradley
Brenda Matthews
Candice Howell
Dalila Pugh
Danielle Barbee
Danyell Miller
Denise Phillips
Evelyne Pierre-Mike
Ginny Bevill
Hetal Patel
Janet Reyes
Jill Smyth
Keisha Hammonds
Leslie Smith
Mary Hartley
Rina Patel
Ruchi Singhal
Tonia Rasberry


Here are our Past Mentors:
Acacia Moore
Angela Walker
Beverly Jones-Durr
Bobby A. Bradley
Bonita Williams
Brenda L S Matthews
Dr. Candice Finnila
Clarissa Ann Lewis
Dasi Price
Dotty Miller
Dwaynia Wilkerson
Ecleave Hampton Jackson
Evelyne Pierre-Mike
Hetal Patel
Jacqueline V. Jones
Rina Patel