Freshman in College Challenges

“My name is Oshea Beckford and I am a graduate of Lee High School. At Lee High School I received many accolades to my name, my proudest being a self-published author. I currently attend Troy University in Troy, AL, where my major is Criminal Justice, and a double minor in Legal Studies and English Language. My intention is to attend Cumberland School of Law in Birmingham, AL where I will (God’s willing) earn the title of a defense criminal lawyer. My high school experiences, including the Pathway 2 Success program, has molded my leadership skills significantly, and I couldn’t be more thankful. It is within my full intent to take these leadership skills and apply them towards helping drive positive change within the United States’ flawed justice system.”
I have experienced some challenges in my freshman year in college and my hope is that other P2S students get an opportunity to listen to this brief video, so that they are better prepared than I was.